July 28, 2009


So, long time no post! Well something HUGE happened tonight that I couldn't help but share... since stuff like this doesn't happen every day... actually if I don't have anymore kids it will only happen twice in my lifetime... are you ready? Are you sure?? Okay here goes


We decided to take them off tonight (to much protest) and Chris took the bike to the end of our friends driveway and got on to show Felix the best way to get on. WOOSH, popped his tire. Thank goodness Reece is getting ready to graduate to the next bigger bike and rode his big brothers because that made a bike free for Felix that was just the right size. So Chris put him on the bike and they were off, up and down the street a few times, it was time for daddy to let go without Felix knowing of course. Halfway down the block daddy lets go, Felix would have never known if I hadn't been so excited that I started cheering. Well you know then that they have to stop, to make sure dad doesn't let go again. It was only a few more times till Felix was up and down the street by himself with daddy right behind him, then around the block and Chris could not keep up with him. The only thing that Felix doesn't quite know how to do is to get started, there were a few times he went arounf the block himself, and only after not seeing him for awhile realized that he had crashed and couldn't get started again. OMG My baby... you know the little one that I was craddling in my arms just yesterday (or six years ago) riding his bike without training wheels!! WOW! Another piece of news not nearly as exciting... sad for me even was Felix being done with blankets. I know I know you are thinking "Felix still had a blanket?? Isn't he like 20?", but he had that blanket since he was 6 months old. It is hard saying goodbye to somthing that has been there consistantly no matter how shaky your world was for 6 years. Alas goodbye dear blankie... we will miss you. It wont ever be to far away though, I save EVERYTHING! It was gross, and I didn't want him dragging half way across the world for everyone to see. I had always said, that if it didn't bother him then he could keep it as long as he wanted, as long as it could stay in his bed... well it didn't stay in his bed, and I changed my mind! It is soooo hard making the decisions that break your kids heart...

April 13, 2009

Lights out, and The Honey Bunny came!

This was another outrageous busy weekend so this is going to be another VERY long blog, maybe I should just blog more often. Friday night we had two of my family's favorite boys, Reece and Quentin over for a lights out sleep over! It was a few weeks late but better than never. We shut out all the lights, lit a few candles and shook up some glow sticks and got the party started, we made s'mores over the fire, popped some jiffy pop,and had Yoo Hoo's while we told scary stories. Then when lights out was over we turned on Bolt and snuggled on the couch. Saturday morning was beautiful so I let the boys go down to the park by our house, Kaiser stayed with daddy and I went into town with my very best friend Tammy. Then it was time to color eggs and get ready for the Easter bunny.

Felix and I had a very nice talk about the reason for Easter, he was so very sweet. He told me the next morning that he had talked to God and was very worried about Jesus because he had to die, but then had heard on the radio that Jesus had come back to life. Easter morning was so very funny in our house, I woke up to Kaiser in his monkey suit, he refused to take it off until all the eggs were found. The entire time he was screaming "the honey bunny came! the honey bunny came!!" Once he realized there was an Easter basket in the kitchen for him he literally stripped naked to dig into it!

2 hours and 2 sugar comas later we headed to Tammy's house for an Easter BBQ with the whole family, Felix and Kaiser got 2 more Easter baskets, I guess that is what family is for, I finally had to hide the stash today :) Today was a little bit calmer, Chris is taking leave for like the first time ever and we have been sifting through stuff for the yard sale this weekend and craigslisting things all day, keep your fingers crossed for me! Oh yeah, and in my spare time I knocked these cute little things out! I love them more than Kaiser does I think. Armour out!

April 9, 2009

"Ope da gate please, I want some pom-crum"

1:30 in the morning I hear the creak of my youngest sons door... In the very smallest voice my 2 year old has "Mom, are you downstairs?" " Yes baby, what do you need?" "Come ope da gate I want some pom-crum" How could I say no to this? So we sneak down the stairs trying not to wake up big brother... Kaiser goes straight to it, he knows exactly what he wants!

mama I want this pom-crum please, can I sit down and watch you?"

"Do you hear dat?

"can I ope dat? oh... it's not ready yet?"

After our pom-crum was all finished we lined up our gabba gabba friends and watched a few of our favorite yo gabba shows, for those of you have never seen it Yo Gabba Gabba is the VERY coolest kids show ever. I am pretty sure I enjoy it more than Kaiser does. Chris will even sit through it sometimes! As fun and exhausting it is to have my boys together, I LOVE these spontaneous dates alone with one boy or another. It gives me a chance to learn what makes them who they are! I love you Kaiser Boo.

April 6, 2009

Once again, a UFO has landed in America, the only country UFOs ever seem to land in.

Here it is, another Monday and there wasn't nearly enough weekend to make me feel like I can make it till Friday, and even when I do who's to say I am gonna rest? I travled all the way to Boise this weekend to do a yard sale at the adopted parents house, I got up at 2:00 am and headed out around 5:00. It was worth it though, I made over $300 on a car full of stuff. I treated myself and the boys to sushi, and a HUGE fruit tart... believe it or not my boy's favorite was the rainbow sushi, Felix was even brave enough to try eel even though we didn't tell him what it was until he was done.

Then Yesterday we went and saw Monsters vs Aliens, it was super cute, but what was even cuter was to watch the boys enjoy it so much, Kaiser was sitting there with a bag of pop corn bigger than him with a ring pop hanging out of his mouth laughing like he understood all of the jokes. Half way through the movie he came over to me and told me "I love you so much, all of the sky" but I think it was just because he wanted my ring pop. It is so fun to see how gracious Felix is becoming, he told me 3 or 4 times durring the movie "thank you so much mama for brining us!" How sweet! Then we went to our local shopping mall (Wal*mart) and got the boys baseballs and bats, they beat their dad all the way through the store! He took it like a champ. Way to go Christoffer. Then last but not least we headed to McDonalds so we could get Monsters vs Alien toys. The boys were having a hard time eating their food after all their treats at the movie, but the rule still stands that you don't get your toy until you have eaten a reasonable amout of food, so that gave me a good fifteen minutes to shoot these little spaceships at Chris' forehead before I had to give it up to the boys. Chris looked like he had chicken pox only on his head when we left. He takes so much abuse, thats why I love him so ;) So here it is Monday, we are in the middle of another "excercise" and we are lucky enough to have had them install an intercom one street over from our house so I am listening to fake bombs rattle my house and the sirens screaching... gosh I hope the boys don't wake up! Well I better get back to cleaning out the garage in preperation for another yard sale, but at my house this time... getting ready for a move to the sunny island of Okinawa... yeah that is what is gonna get me to this weekend, thinking about sunny beaches and sushi! Fun Fun Fun...

I can't believe I get to live here!!!

April 3, 2009

The boys and I decided to set up a tattoo shop in the living room, the boys were both very brave and got 3 tattoos each! They both got one on each arm and they got knuckle tattoos! What rock stars, I wonder where they get it?

April 2, 2009

Thanks Big Sister

Well I am taking a page or two out of my big sisters book and I have decided to start blogging. We miss them so much and love getting updates on her family. I hope my life is half as interesting as hers is, I guess we will find out! Thanks Mandy for letting me be the annoying little sister and copy you!