July 28, 2009


So, long time no post! Well something HUGE happened tonight that I couldn't help but share... since stuff like this doesn't happen every day... actually if I don't have anymore kids it will only happen twice in my lifetime... are you ready? Are you sure?? Okay here goes


We decided to take them off tonight (to much protest) and Chris took the bike to the end of our friends driveway and got on to show Felix the best way to get on. WOOSH, popped his tire. Thank goodness Reece is getting ready to graduate to the next bigger bike and rode his big brothers because that made a bike free for Felix that was just the right size. So Chris put him on the bike and they were off, up and down the street a few times, it was time for daddy to let go without Felix knowing of course. Halfway down the block daddy lets go, Felix would have never known if I hadn't been so excited that I started cheering. Well you know then that they have to stop, to make sure dad doesn't let go again. It was only a few more times till Felix was up and down the street by himself with daddy right behind him, then around the block and Chris could not keep up with him. The only thing that Felix doesn't quite know how to do is to get started, there were a few times he went arounf the block himself, and only after not seeing him for awhile realized that he had crashed and couldn't get started again. OMG My baby... you know the little one that I was craddling in my arms just yesterday (or six years ago) riding his bike without training wheels!! WOW! Another piece of news not nearly as exciting... sad for me even was Felix being done with blankets. I know I know you are thinking "Felix still had a blanket?? Isn't he like 20?", but he had that blanket since he was 6 months old. It is hard saying goodbye to somthing that has been there consistantly no matter how shaky your world was for 6 years. Alas goodbye dear blankie... we will miss you. It wont ever be to far away though, I save EVERYTHING! It was gross, and I didn't want him dragging half way across the world for everyone to see. I had always said, that if it didn't bother him then he could keep it as long as he wanted, as long as it could stay in his bed... well it didn't stay in his bed, and I changed my mind! It is soooo hard making the decisions that break your kids heart...

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